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From energy drain to energy gain:
transforming work processes with young professionals


Many young professionals and trainees want to make an impact in the workplace, but they are often confronted with internal walls and outdated processes. This makes it difficult for them to implement innovative ideas, which in turn leads to reduced motivation and ultimately even to the departure of young talent.


The workshop 'From energy drain to energy gain: transforming work processes with young professionals' provides a solution for this problem. During a half-day session, young professionals learn how to overcome barriers and how to update outdated processes together with experienced colleagues. By identifying energy drains and transforming them into energy gains, young people can learn how to fully utilize their potential in the workplace.

Why do young people want to make an impact?

Many organizations quickly fall into the trap of endlessly researching what young people want, including the desire to 'make an impact.' But this focus on researching why young people want to make an impact actually hinders real change. Instead, it is better to support young people in their desire to make an impact! Watch the video for more information on why young people and making an impact.

Content of the workshop

In essence, the program looks as follows, although the content can be customized if desired:

  • Work values assessment: Participants will explore their personal work values and gain insight into what brings them job satisfaction and which challenges they face.

  • Career planning: Participants will learn to look ahead into their careers and discover the people they need to realize their dreams and ambitions.

  • Addressing energy drains: The workshop will extensively focus on energy drains and gains. Participants will learn how to address these and how to involve colleagues in making changes and overcoming obstacles.

  • Empowerment: Finally, participants will be provided with practical tools, solutions, and advice to better handle resistance and outdated processes.

Results of the Workshop

In this workshop, we will work towards achieving the following outcomes:

  • Gaining insight: Participants will discover their personal work values and gain insight into why certain work processes within organizations either give or take away energy.

  • Solving: Participants will learn to identify energy drains as well as outdated processes and be taught how to transform those together with peers and experienced colleagues into processes that give energy.

  • Collaborating: Participants will gain insight into how to collaborate optimally with experienced colleagues, even when they are stuck in outdated ways of thinking.

What are the walls young people run into?

It is unfortunate that research shows that many trainee programs do not teach young people how to collaborate with older colleagues in their own, contemporary way. As a result, they often run into walls and eventually decide to leave the company. But what are these walls exactly and how can we deal with them? Watch the video about millennials and the obstacles they face."


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