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Gen-Z in the workforce

Young people possess a unique power: innovation. Gen Z has an innate ability to sense when a work process is outdated. They can feel the drain on their energy, prompting them to seek change. Although change may sometimes be met with resistance, it also brings about tremendous opportunities. Experience has shown that if Gen Z is actively encouraged and supported in their innovative endeavors, the entire organization gains more energy! Is your organization prepared to seize these opportunities?


Do you have specific questions related to attracting and retaining young talent? Are you, for instance, seeking support in optimizing the recruitment process for Gen Z or looking for my expertise in marketing or another area?

I'm here to assist you. Ready to get started right away? Check out the mini-change program.


Mini change trajectory:
From energy drain to energy gain



In this half-day workshop, I will equip young professionals with essential knowledge and skills to tackle internal obstacles and revamp outdated processes alongside experienced colleagues. The workshop is interactive and practical, providing immediately applicable insights and strategies.



Two months after the initial workshop, I will return for a brief follow-up session. During this session, we will reflect on the experiences of the young professionals in implementing the suggested changes. Moreover, we will address any new obstacles or challenges that have arisen and offer guidance accordingly.


Presentation including white paper

Lastly, I will deliver a presentation to the management team, highlighting the key insights and recommendations. Additionally, I will provide them with a white paper containing tangible action points that can be implemented within the organization. The presentation will also allow for questions and advice to foster open discussions.

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