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The Unique Power of Gen Z in Organizations: Renewing Outdated Processes.

Gen Z possesses a unique strength: social innovation. Biologically and socially, the youngest generation has the power to drive social change. They possess an intuitive ability to recognize when processes become outdated, known as "vital sensitivity." In this blog, we will delve deeper into how Gen Z senses the need for change and how organizations can respond to it.

The answer to how young people intuitively sense when a work process becomes outdated is quite simple: they feel it because it drains their energy. It's not just young individuals who experience this energy loss; often, the entire organization feels its impact. However, the organization may be so trapped in routines and rules that they are not even aware of the need for renewal. When a task depletes Gen Z of significant amounts of energy, it is time for change. Social processes have a limited shelf life, and young people have a keen sense of their expiration.

So, how can organizations empower young people to drive these process innovations?

It is crucial for organizations to actively support young individuals when they want to tackle energy-draining tasks. Without the support of experienced colleagues, young people may feel abandoned and lost in the process. It is important to be open to the feedback and ideas of young individuals, encouraging them to share their insights. To effectively engage with young people and support their desire for change, organizations can take the following steps:

  1. Active involvement: Ask young people what drains their energy and listen to their input. Create an open and safe environment in which they can share their ideas.

  2. Mentorship: Designate experienced colleagues as mentors for young individuals. These mentors can provide guidance, share knowledge, and support them throughout the change process.

  3. Recognition and appreciation: Ensure that the contributions of young people are recognized and valued. This motivates them to further engage in the process of innovation and fosters a culture of collaboration.

Gen Z possesses a unique power to sense and stimulate social innovation. They intuitively notice when change is necessary, and organizations can benefit from actively supporting them. By giving young people a voice, guiding them, and offering development opportunities, organizations can leverage Gen Z's fresh perspectives and energy, while also making Gen Z feel valued and heard.

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